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Work And Sports Injuries

Injuries can and will happen at work or in the gym. What's important is what you do to treat these injuries. Dr. Winn has been using chiropractic care and various therapies to treat the injuries sustained at work or while playing sports for many years. Call Dr. Winn today to get started with your recovery!

Engineers at work

Work Place Injuries

When you get hurt at work it's important to get treatment where they have experience with these types of injuries. Dr. Winn will help you recover from your injuries so you may return to work safely. Dr. Winn has years of experience working with work insurance companies which will make it easier for you to while recovering from your injuries. 

Image by Connor Coyne

Sports Injuries

Participating in sports is a great way to stay healthy and active. Unfortunately, it can also lead to injuries. Dr. Winn can help you recover from your sports injuries and assist you in getting back into the game! Call Dr. Winn today!

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