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Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Winn has been helping people affected by MS for nearly 18 years. He has developed his own technique which has been beneficial for some patients at reducing some of the symptoms associated with the condition. Dr. Winn combines chiropractic care, therapies and his own technique to help patients with some of the symptoms of MS. Call today to make an appointment!

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Injured in a Car Accident?

Many people use chiropractic care when they are injured in a car accident. The injuries can become long-term conditions if not treated quickly and effectively. Even low speed crashes can cause injuries. The amount of damage to the vehicle does not indicate the amount of injuries to the occupants of the vehicle. Dr. Winn has been treating patients injured in car accidents since 1998. He has helped thousands of people recover from these injuries. Call Dr. Winn today at (781) 388 9229!

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